I woke up today with no idea what to post. I usually have some idea of what picture I’ll use or what I want to write about. Not today.

Today I woke up clueless.

Since the goal of this challenge is to post a picture everyday, I started looking through the pictures on my phone and computer. As I looked through pictures of all our adventures over the last year, I noticed something interesting. Something different.

I was in a lot of them. Actually, I was in most of them.

When I had an eating disorder, and even during my recovery (which included healing my body image), pictures made me painfully anxious. I rarely let people take pictures of me and when I did, I held my breath between the time it took to take the picture and see the picture. Sometimes the picture would surprise me and I would feel relief, but most of the time shame would hit like a sucker punch to the gut.

Last year was different. I didn’t hate myself. I took A LOT of pictures. And I was in a lot of pictures. Sometimes alone but often with a friend or loved one. Since it’s 5:30 in the morning and I don’t want to wake people up to see if I can post their picture, I put together a collage of selfies.

I remember taking every single picture in the collage above. What stands out is that I didn’t take the pictures because I thought I looked good, I took them to capture a moment I wanted to remember.

Live for those moments friends! And get in the picture 🙂



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