I’ve been a bit quiet this week, which I will talk more about next week. Today I want to talk about the awesomeness that was last weekend. Oh, last weekend. A touch of Spring in the midst of winter. It was glorious. We spent most of the weekend outside taking advantage of our free Spring preview. On Friday afternoon, Harrison and I enjoyed a lovely stroll over to pick Wyatt up from school.


Friday: Walking to school to pick up Wyatt

Then we had a fun playdate at the park with some dear friends. Later that night we celebrated Circle of Friends’ 50th Birthday! It was an amazing event our whole family enjoyed.

The next morning was gorgeous so we met some friends for a morning hike. After hibernating indoors all winter, it felt amazing to get outside, get into nature and make our own discoveries (we’ve watched a fair amount of Dinosaur Train this week).

It turns out six, four and two year olds don’t want to hike for more than 40 minutes so we ended up at McDonald’s. The kids played on the slides and the grownups got to talk and enjoy some coffee (and a smoothie). When we got home the boys continued to play outside while I straightened up the kitchen (and jammed out hard to The Hamilton Mixtape).

That night we headed over to our friend’s house and had the best steak tips ever. If you haven’t tried the steak tips from C & C Butcher on Manchester, I highly recommend them. Steve and my brother stumbled across C&C Butcher a year and a half ago and we’ve been loyal customers ever since.

On Sunday, Mom and I headed to the Fox to see Something Rotten. I upgraded our seats so we sat 9th row center. Sitting close enough to see their faces made a huge difference. We absolutely loved the show. It was raucous, fun, creative and irreverent. Oh, and Adam Pascal played Shakespeare! I got to see him play Roger in Rent (twice) back in 1996. Seeing him perform again was such a treat. His voice is like butter.

Looks like we are in store for another Spring-like weekend. Have a good one Friends! I’ll see you on Monday 🙂

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