I discovered Adios Barbie early in my recovery. I immediately connected to the content and mission of the website. Adios Barbie features articles from differing perspectives on eating disorders, body image, weight bias, race, aging, gender roles, LGBTQ as well as many other issues. In a culture obsessed with thinness and intentional weight loss, it was refreshing to find a space that amplified voices speaking against the dominant and toxic narrative.

As an eating disorder survivor, I felt compelled to use my voice to add to the discussion about the dangers of using weight as a metric in eating disorder recovery. I am grateful to Adios Barbie for amplifying my voice on their platform. Please check it out:

The Problematic Use of Weight as a Metric in Eating Disorder Recovery





Hello Friends!

I’m trying something new by adding video to the blog!

In the above video, I introduce myself and explain that I want to start doing videos as another way to connect to people in recovery. When I was in recovery, watching a video and seeing a person’s eyes and hearing their voice made me feel less alone. Knowing I wasn’t alone kept me motivated to continue on the road to Recovered.

You are not alone. You can do this.

Thank you for watching!