342: Outtake from Jan 1, 2017. The night I decided to take on this challenge.

Good Morning Friends! You may notice things look a little different at Road to Recovered today. With some playing around (and some help- Thanks Aaron!), I changed the blog’s layout and my profile picture (you can check out my new profile pic in A LITTLE BACKSTORY).

It took over a year to change my profile picture because a) I couldn’t remember how to do it and b) I wasn’t ready to go solo. It felt safer to have the boys in the picture with me.

Back when I started the blog my body image was pretty neutral. Which meant I didn’t hate my body but I didn’t love it either. My blog needed a picture and it was important to post a picture of myself during recovery. I didn’t want to gaslight people and post a picture from when I was sick. It had to be a recent picture.

The problem was I didn’t have a lot of pictures of myself during recovery. Recovery was a very vulnerable time and getting in pictures was an easily avoidable trigger. But I did get in some pictures. Usually with our boys. Our boys made me feel comfortable. So much so, there were times I wanted to capture fun/silly moments with them. Kinda like this:

341: First profile pic for Road to Recovered

I chose this picture because I remembered how much fun we had in that moment. We were having a snack at the counter and being silly. I was about five months into recovery ♥ Recovery was incredibly hard but this picture reminded me that there were bright spots too.

Have a great weekend!


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