337: Dinner Crew, (top pic)  Me, Jean and Laura

One of the best things about starting this blog is that it’s connected me with amazing people and experiences. A couple weeks ago I posted about my love affair with Blue Apron. It turns out my neighbor Laura also loves Blue Apron and cooking in general. She mentioned a local meal prep place called Time For Dinner (you can check out their website here) and suggested we go.

Yes, please!

Laura and I figured out a day and time that worked, signed up for spots via the website (only two spots left for the day and time that worked for us, whew!) and picked our meals (you can pick four or six meals). I picked four meals because I wasn’t entirely sure I’d have enough freezer space. Plus, I didn’t know how the meals were packaged. Per the Time for Dinner website, each meal served eight. And since it’s just me, Steve and two fairly picky little people, I had to consider the “leftover” situation.

One of the really cool things I discovered about Time for Dinner is that each “spot” is really two spots. So my mother-in-law, who happened to be in town on our prep day, got to come too.

We all had a blast!

The Time for Dinner wizards have meal prep down to a science. They have a couple of work stations for each meal and you go from station to station to prep and package your meals. Each station has detailed instructions on how to package each meal. I absolutely needed this. Anytime I  thought I had a question, all I really had to do was re-read the instructions. I’d like to say it was so easy a toddler could do it but I feel like that might be insulting to a toddler. It was so easy that I, an incredibly inexperienced chef, could do it.

We packaged each meal in two separate containers. So instead of four meals, I got eight (each meal serves four)! And they all fit in my freezer (huzzah!) Finally, we labeled each meal with specific thawing and cooking instructions.


336: Freezer packed delights.


It was such a great experience and I LOVE having a few meals at the ready. Tonight we’re having the chicken and dumplings. I’ll keep you posted….


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